David Schacter

CEO and Co-Founder of Cannabiscope - WeedWheel.com

David is the only 4X Collegiate Boxing Champ in Nevada’s history and the 4th overall in American collegiate boxing. David was also a Fulbright Scholar who went on to attain his Master’s degree from NYU. David has spent the last couple of years living in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he has been able to experience the local cannabis culture in depth. A self labeled 'ganjapreneur', his new technology, Cannabiscope, is providing the cannabis community with a strain mapping system that is presented unlike any other technology in the space.

Cannabiscope provides customizable Weed Wheels for the cannabis industry, as well as medical patients and adult users. The classification system was designed to help patients find cannabis strains that best suit their needs and conditions. The Weed Wheel allows users to navigate through layers, uncovering information about cannabis. The fingerprint pages display product information including the lab results for testing cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. The Seed to Sale tracking system allows patients to easily find any particular product and where available; while businesses get a better understanding of what the market is demanding