Sean Carney

Leafly’s European Editor

Sean Carney, based in Prague, brings over fifteen years’ worth of journalistic experience to Leafly, where he leads the newly launched European News division as Leafly’s first-ever Europe editor. Sean oversees a team of 5 seasoned correspondents in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. Sean’s team is committed to covering the evolving landscape of popular attitudes and public policies related to cannabis across the European Union, focusing their attention on five key countries undergoing the most dynamic reforms. With reporters and editors stationed across the globe, Leafly continues to raise the bar in cannabis media, bolstering its editorial roster with proven journalists committed to producing well-researched, compelling, and original editorial content. Prior to joining Leafly, Sean spent ten years as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal based in Central and Eastern Europe, providing readers a firsthand account of the European Union’s inner workings and insight into the region’s economies and changing drug policies.

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